The Assault on Reason

The Assault on Reason - Al Gore It would be easy to dismiss this book as the rabid sour grapes of a man that was cheated out of the presidency in 2000, and certainly much of the content is searing criticism of the Bush administration – however the underlying theme is one of dismay against the inaccessibility of participation in the democratic process to the majority of people. While Gore is entirely (and sometimes sickeningly) focused on American Democracy and in particular the manner in which Bush has subverted the US constitution to his own ends, the distorting effects of money in the political process could equally be applied to other democracies and near-democracies around the world. The salvation to this problem is touted as a return to participatory reasoning through free discourse among citizens on the Internet – as long as it can be kept free from the corrupting influence of large wads of cash from special interests that have had such a devastating effect of contemporary democracy.

As a piece of political commentary I would have preferred if this central issue were not so distorted itself by the anti-Bush partisanship as I think it clouds the clarity of the point. That said I found it informative and as a non-American, who is not familiar with the finer points of the Republic’s political system, an interesting read.