Hater - David Moody Interesting book. The plot is focused to the fall into anarchy of civilization as the human population splits into two – 'normals' and those the media label as 'haters', as seen through the eyes of an average person.

What makes it something other than a zombie/monster book is the way the haters are treated by society and the manner in which the powers-that-be deal with the unfolding situation.

Parallels for the developing anarchy could be drawn with the way that swine flu spread when we were most at fear of it earlier in the year (and how it could have evolved had the threat been more serious).

The manner of the 'solution' to the problem of haters has precedents in history also and might very well be the way things go if we every find ourselves in the position of an out-of-control epidemic in the future – you have been warned!