A History of Modern Britain

A History of Modern Britain - Andrew Marr From the modest Clem Atlee (with, as Winston Churchill would say, much to be modest about...) to the troubles around the Iraq war and the political coup that removed Tony Blair from power, Andrew Marr does not miss a any events that have shaped our modern nation in this dense, concise and humorous account of the last 60 years in politics (well mostly politics). It mirrors the television programme of the same name, but contains much more information as you would expect from the format. It should be a standard text for every (British) school child – recent history is every much as important to our national character as the Tudors, Victorians or the Battle of Britain and this book cleverly brings together the important events and intrigues of our post-imperial island. It took me a while to get through its 629 pages but I did not begrudge a single paragraph.