Breakaway: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel (Cassandra Kresnov Novels)

Breakaway - Joel Shepherd With less sex, less violence and more politics the second Cassandra Kresnov novel is a continuation of where the last novel left off. This time the repercussions of the previous action of the FIA result in the planet of Callay considering its withdrawal from the Federation through the proposal of Article 42 (a nod to the meaning of life?). The further character development wasn’t up to much, the new characters introduced were somewhat one-dimensional cut-outs from the dictionary of cyber-punk, and Shepherd still tends to be a bit preachy in places (Oh the killer robot has a soul!). There is however the usual fire-fights with stuff blowing up which any fan of the genre will enjoy. I quite liked the politics side of things, though they weren’t exactly Dune-like in complexity or intrigue. An easy read which does pretty much what you would expect as long as you are not expecting to learn anything or to be challenged.