Confessions of a Failed Atheist

Confessions of a Failed Atheist - John Humphreys, John Humphrys John Humphreys says he is agnostic, once Christian, then Atheist, now looking for a reason to believe in God again. This book is the story of his journey.

It is an frustrating book. Humphreys is almost as rabid about 'Militant Atheists' as the militant atheists are about God, making the sometimes reasonable assertions seem to have ulterior motive.

He has a point about the manner in which people like Dawkins attack religious belief, but then he should at least understand what they have actually said, try to understand (even rudimentary understanding would be good) the science he comments on, and maybe even get the names right (It's Sam HARRIS, not Smith!) before launching into a polemic against them.

The interviews with the prominent monotheistic representatives were entirely devoid of content - not Humphreys fault - speciousness being their stock in trade (though I confess it is hard not to like the Chief Rabbi). The letters from listeners more touching and the comfort of a religious conviction cannot be denied, though at times belief in God and following a particular religion do seem to get confused in Humphreys mind.

Ultimately Humpheys does not conclude with a clear statement of his beliefs - the journey, for him anyway, lead nowhere, except maybe with a vague idea that belief in God/Religion is somehow a bit of a comfort blanket - again bashing atheists while missing their point (which is, in a nutshell, "Just because you believe in something it doesn't make it true".)

It didn't really help.