The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxed Set

The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset - Suzanne  Collins After seeing the film I was left wondering if the inadequacies were down to poor film-making or the original text, so I settled down to read the trilogy and find out

Hunger Games is very much as the film portrays it. There are a few added bits of dialogue and actions to gear up up for the second book in the film that don't appear in the first novel but it does really follow the book well.

While the film left the 'Running Man' and 'Battle Royale' in the mind by way of comparison, The novel adds something else - 'The Chrysalids' to the mix. A book I enjoyed a lot when I was a teenager.

The other inexplicable thing I noted when going to see the film, was the lack of other men in the auditorium. This was also explained. This is teenage chick-lit. I obviously stood out in the cinema, being neither!

Not that I have anything against the genre, just it gets a bit tedious when halfway through the book we are still discussing nail varnish and whether boy x or boy y is 'the one for me'.

Still working through the second and third books fills in the story, if slowly, and has enough violence, politics and pace to keep one interested. Some of the scenes are quite poignant, didn't mind the humour, even liked some of the characters.

Of course everything sorts itself out in a manner that you would expect in the end, although the ending is a bit dull really. That said, I read all 1000 pages of it, so it couldn't be that bad. It is an easy read, but nothing earth-shatteringly original with a bit too much emphasis on the importance of having a good stylist...