The Atheist's Guide to Christmas

There's Probably No God: the Atheists' Guide to Christmas - Ariane Sherine Somewhat ambivalent about this. While some of the stories are quite amusing, the philosophy, science and star gazing easily digestible, with some great pointers for further reading and entertainment, the purpose of reading it was a utter failure:

What does an atheist do about Christmas?

In this book, most, if they even discuss Christmas, go on about the majesty of the universe we live in, or just go out and enjoy Christmas anyway. And no one wants to be 'a Scrooge'

None of this is helpful me - after all the universe is equally majestic any time of the year, I really don't need a set date to go and visit and be with friends and family, and I really DO shout 'Bah Humbug' at people around that time of year.

The only writer in this book who gets close to my world of Christmas is Andrew Mueller, who doesn't much like the consumerism or religiosity of the event (good man!) but seems to struggle with a solution - other than by flying to New Zealand on Christmas eve to escape. Not helpful.

So as a poor Atheist (and I don't even like this term - but I like the term 'humanist' even less), who refuses to contribute either spiritually or economically to this festive season I am none the wiser. Perhaps there is no solution.

On a positive note, I picked up this book on Amazon for a penny. Maybe there is a God after all.