One Day. David Nicholls

One Day - David Nicholls I've seen this book a lot on the daily commute - normally that would be reason enough not to go anywhere near it, but for some reason I was drawn to it. Probably the rather well designed cover - I thought it might have been about chess.

The story centred around a couple of new graduates, Emma and Dexter, and their relationship over 20 years between 1988 - 2008 ish. My kind of era (though I graduated a little later), so interesting from that perspective. The dialogue between the two is sharp and witty at times, and I found myself laughing more than once at Emma's uncontrollable sarcasm. Not really something to do on the train - it garners strange looks.

The trails and tribulations of the pair, reflect life of the times and the ups and downs we all face in life. It felt like a variation on Four Weddings and a Funeral (I didn't count the weddings, but I think in fact their were four?), but at the same time has a few touching and some entertaining moments.

I can't say I ever warmed to Dexter, in my view not someone who deserved the good fortune which he achieved, despite his own best attempts to destroy it; alas I can't help feeling that, in Dexter, David Nicholls couldn't help seeing some of himself, an alter-ego, or an aspirational character.

Overall, not bad though.