Lord Valentine's Castle (Majipoor Cycle)

Lord Valentine's Castle - Robert Silverberg By the looks of the blurb on this book, it seemed like it would be a fairly standard 'quest' type book with elves and dwarves and nasty evil folk. And you know what, it pretty much is (only elves and dwarves are replaced by 'aliens' making it Sci-Fi not fantasy).

At times it can be a little slow, and other times too fast – almost dismissive of huge tracts of journey. Didn't feel any particular affinity for any of the characters and didn't really care if they finished their quest successfully or not. The story is predictable enough and you've probably read more than one book very similar before (I know I have), but written in 1981, I guess much of this can be forgiven. I finished the book, and it kept me engaged enough to do so, but I probably won;t be picking up any of the sequels.

A low 3/5