The United States of Air

The United States of Air: a Satire - J.M. Porup The was a Goodreads giveaway book (Thank you very much)

The story is about (one assumes) the absurdity of the Bush government and pokes fun at ideology in general by creating a 'prophet'/president who believes that eating food is an addiction that should be forcibly cured.

The idea that people follow such absurdity and lie to themselves in order to survive is a fair observation and it is milked for all it is worth in this book.

The problem I have had with the concept and the execution of it all is that it is as condescending as the rhetoric it is satirizing. As such I found it unreadable. I really wanted to like it, I struggled to force myself to read, and I really wanted to finish it, but I couldn't.

The blame lies with the decision to present the story as a sermon to the people of France to get them to 'join the fight against fat' and stop eating. This really did not work for me. Sorry.