Knots and Crosses (Detective John Rebus Novels)

Knots and Crosses - Ian Rankin Having watched, and thoroughly enjoyed the BBC Imagine programme about Ian Rankin (see I thought I would give his first Rebus book a go.

There is a child killer on the loose, Rebus is a so-so copper with a some psychological problems caused by events in his past, who finds himself at first pulled into the investigation by those pen-pushers upstairs and given the scutt work, and then becoming more and more the centre of attention.

It is a little bit plodding and predictable. Sometimes the cliches are cringe-worthy, but as a story it is OK. No fact is forgotten - everything has it's relevance to the tale (which is both a good and a bad thing), and the plot unfolds at a reasonable pace. The main downside is that it is just not very gripping.

I am assured that Rankin's Rebus books get better after this - guess I'll find out in due course.