The Case for Copyright Reform

The Case for Copyright Reform - Christian Engström, Rick Falkvinge While one can be in no doubt that anything published by the 'Pirate Party' is going to be biased in a certain direction, this does not mean that the arguments are by definition flawed or of little value. In fact I found the argument that you can have 'Privacy' or 'Copyright Enforcement', but not both to be quite compelling.

You could of course suggest that the argument for 'Privacy' is spurious and designed to get the 'Pirate Party' what they want. e.g. downloading films and music, and all the arguments are geared towards this; it is a fair point, but misses the upshot : Copyright protection is unenforceable without curtailing the rights of individuals to be able to have private conversations.

I can't think of a single argument against this statement. I can't think of a single technology which will allow me to have a private communication with someone else that cannot be used for distributing copyrighted material. That is, in order to enforce copyright protection, ALL my communication would need to be monitored. I am really not comfortable with that idea and this argument clearly and succinctly expresses the growing unease I have felt about measures to 'protect' copyright over the last few years.

In short there is a choice to be made here. Privacy for the masses or Copyright Protection for the few*. Choose.


*As a side issue is it also pointed out that the artists and authors of copyrighted materials may well benefit from a relaxation in copyright enforcement and a number of examples are given; the only losers are the media companies who hold the reigns of power at the moment. Whether this is an accurate picture or not I can't tell.