Chinese Whispers

Chinese Whispers - Ben Chu To be honest I struggled with this book. It is not the subject matter, or the writing really, just seemed a bit like Chu was just having a rant. I don't know really what I was expecting though, maybe I was just on a spending spree in Waterstones when I came across it. It is my own fault.

Chu rants about the Western view of China and the Chinese, and the Chinese view too. Arguments are reasonable, but much of what is stated is a viewpoint, and rhetorical rather than based on evidence.

Sure, I can accept that what we think we know about China (and what they might want us to think) is off base, but I am not sure this book provides much more insight than say reading a proper History book like Fenby's excellent History of Modern China (see & maybe that is the problem - it isn't Fenby's book so I got bored :(