Perfect Passwords

Perfect Passwords: Selection, Protection, Authentication - Mark  Burnett The perfect password is a long password, that is the conclusion of this book. It doesn't matter if it is complex (though it helps!) or simple lower case, what matters is the number of characters the password has. Probably better to refer to is as a pass-phrase as one is encouraged to construct a password from multiple, unrelated words.

At least 16 - 20 characters long.

If you can incorporate some punctuation, spaces (if allowable), upper case characters and, sparingly, numbers, then the password becomes stronger still.

Mark Burnett explains his reasoning for all this simply and with examples. Most instructive is the list of the 500 most used passwords, as gleamed from various sources of real-world passwords. If your password (or variation thereof) is included, you are advised to change your password immediately.

I thought my passwords were pretty good (and they are!) however Mark demonstrates that you are better off with a longer yet easier to remember password. His top tips are summarised in the last chapter proper. This list is probably the best takeaway from the book as it is short and easily digestible - perfect for password advice.

Only down side really is the padding of unnecessary word lists and code tables at the back of the book. I guess password construction isn't really a 200 page discussion!

Overall very useful book. Since I have just had my own 'Password Day' I probably won't be applying until next year, but I think I might just give it a go when it comes around.