The Rise and Fall of the British Empire

The Rise and Fall of the British Empire - Lawrence James Covering the period between the first Queen Elizabeth and the second Lawrence follows the establishment of the British Empire from a few trading outposts and reaction to Catholic Spain, through its glory days as master of the seas, to its eventual demise through the 20th Century and two very costly world wars. In the end, the Empire faded away as its people, both at home and in the colonies and dominions found other priorities and the cost financially and politically of maintaining the Empire became too much.

The Rise and Fall of the British Empire, is a great read, lots of information there which is simply not taught in British schools anymore (through misguided sensitivities IMO). I admit I may be biased, but despite the errors and mistakes made much good came out of the Empire. I think Lawrence agrees and although he never pulls his punches with regard to the dubious exploits of some of the Empires subjects he is at heart what the Americans would term ‘a patriot’.

May the Empires legacy long continue.