Crossover: A Cassandra Kresnov Novel

Crossover - Joel Shepherd She is tall, blonde, hot and an artificially created killing machine. Yes OK it is a bit juvenile, the whole idea is a bit of fan-boys’ wet dream, plenty of violence, flesh on show (well sort of) and exactly what you would expect from the pulp-sci-fi genre.

My only negative comments would be that the author sometimes tries to incorporate more cerebral ideas into the text – like the discussion about the rights and wrongs of governmental intrusion into privacy. I’m sure it is something Shepherd feels passionate about, but really doesn’t belong in a novel about killer robots (or at least it shouldn’t be so obvious).

That said I enjoyed it well enough. The main character is interesting and the struggle with higher sentience among the GIs an interesting addition (and the side issue of ‘human rights’ for created beings not as clumsy as the privacy issues). I’m sure it’ll get turned into a film at some point – Rie Rasmussen to play Cassandra? (yes please!) A good first novel. Got the next two to read now...