Every Last Drop: A Novel

Every Last Drop - Charlie Huston This is the fourth in the series and is as entertaining as the previous three. You’d think the vampire-noir mood with the protagonist who thumbs authority in all its forms would be a tired cliché, but Charile Huston’s Joe Pitt is a likeable narrator, always quick with a sarcastic comment, always getting himself into trouble without even trying, always lucky or ingenious with his escapes - you can’t help but be drawn in and enjoy it, cliché that it is. In this world of vampires, clans and hard-core gangster politics, Pitt represents the everyman caught up in the bigger world and trying to survive. We like him because while everybody else is out to manipulate, convert or kill him, he manages to play them off against each other, with a kind of rough charm, violence and coolness that we would all sometimes like to be able to employ in our world. Can’t wait for book five.