No Name (Oxford World's Classics)

No Name - Wilkie Collins, Virginia Blain Strangely, The Woman in White, is one of my favourite books from the period, so I was quite looking forward to No Name as a continuation of my Wilkie Collins exploration. The story concerns two sisters who are disinherited of their parents fortunes by circumstances too contrived to be believed and the determination of one of the sisters to get the family fortune back. As with the Woman in White the lead characters are women with their wily ways and plotting throughout. Although it is somewhat labyrinth, the story plods along with other characters appearing and disappearing throughout. As usual with stories from Victorian England it is about money and marriage and proper English conduct. People seem to die a lot in order to help the plot along and the contrivance of events does not stop at disinheriting the sisters but continues in order to for them to regain it. An enjoyable enough read but not one that will stay in the memory long.