Ghost World

Ghost World - Daniel Clowes I really enjoyed the film adaptation of this graphic novel, so thought I would give the original a go. The story differs quite a bit, though a lot of the snappy dialogue remains. The Steve Buscemi character (in the film) doesn’t really exist in the graphic novel, which is a shame because it was the relationship between Seymour and Enid that kept the film interesting for me, however the distancing between the two main characters is still there as is the more memorable imagery. I didn’t really like the green/black graphics, reminded me too much of ‘80s monochrome PCs, I would have preferred full colour. Overall the graphic novel lacked the zip and charm which Thora Birch and Scarlett Johansson projected in the film version. I perhaps should have read the original before watching the film and then could trounce the film for failing to live up to the graphic novel, but now, alas, it is the other way around.