Stars My Destination (Sf Masterworks 05)

Stars My Destination (Sf Masterworks 05) - Alfred Bester This is a novel about Gully Foyle a seemingly worthless crewman on a spaceship who was abandoned to his fate when he could (and should) have been rescued by a passing ship. He vows revenge on those who abandoned him and cuts a violent path to get to them, picking up on his way an education, tattoos, and a whole heap of money. Essentially it is a ‘journey’ novel and is OK in that respect. Being a bit of a purest I found some of the non-scientific ‘sci-fi’ in the book a bit lame and the ultimate outcome a bit silly. The effort to maintain the tempo of the novel meant that any number of the characters whom it might have been more interesting to learn something about, were glossed over – ever in the pursuit of the very driven main protagonist. Can't say it enthused me much, but it was OK for an afternoon and a half.