Forex Frontiers: The Essentials of Currency Trading

Forex Frontiers "The Essentials of Currency Trading" - Ivan Cavric This was a goodreads give-away book (Thanks!).

There are some positives and negatives about this book. As an introduction into the subject the book is OK. there is through the first 10 or so chapters too much telling us how rubbish novice traders are and how only when you are a super-experienced FOREX trader you'll ever do any good.

If you can get past this smugness there is some useful advice - like never 'betting' (for want of a more appropriate word) more than 2% of your capital on any one trade (and using stops to prevent this from happening). Lots of advice on technical and fundamental analysis (don't bet on anything when there is major financial news due) and lots of charts.

Apart from the smugness, there are some copy editing problems with the copy of the book I was sent. Inappropriate hyphenation, and most annoyingly references to the 'blue' and 'red' lines in Black and white charts - really makes trying to understand what you are talking about difficult.

Overall, as expected really, FOREX 'Trading' is basically gambling. you can, and should, minimise the loss to your capital through sensible money management (which is emphasised in this book) and using 'strategies' and 'analysis', but it seems to me from what is implied throughout this book, it is more a case of sticking your finger in the air and guessing. Does this book help? A little. but you know these novice traders are really rubbish, you have to be experienced...

No wonder we are in such a state we are!