The Pioneer Cookbook: Recipes for Today's Kitchen

The Pioneer Cookbook: Recipes for Today's Kitchen - Miriam Barton This was a free book through Goodreads! Yey!

It is, as the name suggests, a cookbook. It doesn't have lots of glossy photographs of food no one has ever seen outside of an episode of Nigella Bites, it doesn't have a photograph and endorsement of a celebrity chef, desperate to show the world the extent of his culinary skills and unique interpretation of a truffle souffle - the pictures are in fact basic line drawings, mostly there to break up the text. What does have is 170 odd pages of very simple recipes, each with a little snippet of history or factoid related to the dish.

It is refreshing to come across a cookbook that contains simple - pretence-free - instructions for basic foodstuffs. The sort of food grandma and great-grandma probably made before the corporations invented supermarkets and prepackaged noodles. Actually the selection of dishes is probably a bit more varied than my ancestors would've considered proper as it covers meals created by all the immigrants and natives of the colonies during those founding years, with a section on baking and puddings too (and strangely soap?)

Basic these foods may be, but good for the soul and good for the bank balance. If i was starting over looking for a cheap and healthy way to eat and learn how to make good food, i think this book would be a welcome find indeed. I think I'll give the traditional beef stew a go tomorrow..