'TheGood, the Bad and the Multiplex by Kermode, Mark ( Author ) ON Sep-01-2011, Paperback'

The Good, the Bad and the Multiplex: What's Wrong with Modern Movies? - Mark Kermode Very entertaining. Mark Kermode captures the essence of the modern multiplex experience through a number of strands: Poor cinemagoer experience, poor Hollywood films, poor choice, and 97% irrelevant film critiques. Never less than vitriolic, cynical and suspicious of the motives of the modern cinema and blockbuster making film companies, Kermode harks back to the days of explosive reels of film, and the 'art' of projection, while trashing blockbusters and explaining very effectively why big films don't have to be good.

I've liked Mark Kermode since the days of 'Moviedrome' on late nights BBC2, which he used to present. I have always thought his reviews to be entertaining and accurate reflections of the films which pass his way and was not surprised to discover that in fact we agree on almost everything he describes in this book- from popcorn-selling multiplex assistant managers to the lack of exposure of decent foreign language films (and over exposure of pointless drivel, which we are stupid enough to pay money to see).

At times he wanders into the romanticism of the 'good old days' of celluloid, and adds a few snippets of autobiography which seem out of place (and I'm afraid I don't really care about the demise of film reels in favour of digital), but overall the book is engaging, and Kermode knows exactly where he has taken the reader, where he has been, and where he is going. Intelligent and funny.