Hattori Hachi: The Revenge of Praying Mantis

The Revenge of Praying Mantis - Jane Prowse I am not really the target demographic for Hattori Hachi – a good 30 years too old, but you know what - I really enjoyed it. It is FUN! Very entertaining.

It is a great, positive story of good vs evil, coming of age, friendship, family and success through adversity – and it has Ninjas too! There is no brooding teenage angst, no supernatural nonsense, and thankfully, not one mention of anyone ever needing a good stylist. In short it is exactly the sort of fiction kids should read, without any of the usual subconscious pressures.

I like the 'cool Japan' elements and positive female role models too, and I think this would make a great Manga/Anime.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to download this first book for free by the author, via the GoodReads giveaway program. I am glad I did because it has made my day more cheerful.