The Blinding Knife (Lightbringer)

The Blinding Knife - Brent Weeks I really enjoyed this Fantasy pulp. It starts off at the point the last novel ends, and develops the story along similar lines, only no need to introduce characters, and the plotting is a bit more sophisticated.

there are a couple of points however where one thinks - What? after all that build up, the outcome is what!? almost like Weeks just got bored of a particular plot line so just stopped it. To be fair, real life is like that, but this is Fantasy and it is not real life! Odd choice.

Still Knife is better than Black Prism IMO, and is an easy and entertaining read.

Only slight problem (not the fault of the book) is that I didn't check to see if the third book was already out before reading this one - now how long will I have to wait...?