Writing Fiction For Dummies

Writing Fiction For Dummies - Peter Economy, Randy Ingermanson I wasn't going to read this, just going to flick through it, but you know what, it is really interesting.

Talks about the way to structure a novel and the writing process, how to develop characters, plot, conflict, in order to produce something that is marketable. Yes I know, the idea of 'writing to sell' is a horrible, sold-out, etc, etc, but you need to know the rules before you break them eh? :) That said I found the process described to be very helpful and instructive. It may take some of the magic out of the writing process - to know there is a process, but the fact is there is a process, if one wants to use it, and this book explains how it works and why it is useful.

As always with for dummies books, you will either like the humour and lighthearted style, or loathe it. I am in the latter camp, and if I was given a pound for every time the term 'powerful emotional experience' is used in this book I wouldn't need to write a bestseller!

Overall though, enlightening.