Dreaming: A Very Short Introduction

Dreaming: A Very Short Introduction - J. Allan Hobson The first thing I liked about this book is its completely dismissive attitude to psychoanalysis. OK maybe not completely dismissive, but very negative.

Dreaming is caused by brain activation during sleep. That may sound slightly obvious, but it is only in the last 50 years that when have been able to prove it. Moreover through neuroscience we are starting to understand what dreaming is for and more importantly how it does it.

Hobson compares the process of 'interpreting' dreams to 20:20 hindsight and argues that this is not science - science predicts... So for there to be a proper dream interpretation 'science' a theory would have to predict what a subject would dream before it did. As such the actual content of the dreams is, apparently, meaningless. At least that is my interpretation!

As with other very short introductions, this slim volume covers the current knowledge on the subject in a concise manner. It is a little dry in places, but informative.

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