The Making of Modern Britain

The Making of Modern Britain - Andrew Marr From the death of queen Victoria and the Edwardian age of toffs to Victory in Europe day and the profoundly changed Britain, Andrew Marr charts the politics and some of the trends that defined the age and set the country on the road it is today.

Andrew Marr is a (maybe slightly biased) journalist, not a historian, and unlike his book of the later period, I imagine finding the historical facts was much more difficult (after all, everything after 1945 was on TV!). There is a lot in this book, some of which is lightly covered, and other bits seem a little off. That said it is, as is The History of Modern Britain well paced and informative.

Marr concentrates on British issues, maybe as expected, barely mentioning anything not directly related to the political in the UK. This focus is helpful in exploring Britishness, but not so much for a historical perspective.

However as a study of British politics (Marr's bread and butter) it is very good, and I think, as rare as such an independent work is, important in itself as a documented perspective from outside the clique of memoirs and politicians with their own axes to grind.