World on Fire: How Exporting Free Market Democracy Breeds Ethnic Hatred and Global Instability

World On Fire - Amy Chua Chua links unfairness of ‘market dominant minorities’ and the rise in instability in the world through the increasing use of democracy and the ethnonationalism this generates among the less privileged majority. It is a fascinating angle, and in the examples given it seems to fit part of the explanation for much trouble around the world. Further she expands this view at the regional level (Israel as the market dominant minority in the Middle East) and then global level (the US as the market dominant minority of the World), both of which seem to fit the increased hostilities towards these minorities. While I found her ‘Future of Free Market Democracy’ to be a little be optimistic in some cases, I found the analysis thought provoking and it has certainly added another layer to my understanding of the way the world works.