Rubbish!: Dirt on Our Hands - Armageddon in the Trash

Rubbish!: Dirt On Our Hands - Armageddon in the Trash - Richard Girling Girling on occasion goes off point, ranting about monopolistic supermarkets and the pointlessness of space exploration, but when he concentrates on waste (the Rubbish of the books title) the content is more satisfying. The most intensity of the passion is reserved for the ineptitude, incompetence and procrastination of the New Labour government. This is not surprising - anyone who has ever considered hugging a tree shares this frustration – from transport to energy policy HM Gov seems incapable of grasping the (very) basic fundamentals and Girling’s evidence seems to indicate this is also true of waste. If you can ignore the digressions there is a lot of information in here.