Lying - Sam Harris Sam Harris believes that people should not lie, ever. He argues his case with examples, interspersed with philosophical discourse. It is well argued, well written and unlike a lot of philosophy easy to follow (and short). I even agree with it.

The problem is Sam Harris is so earnest. It can feel like you are being lectured by perfection personified. It is nice to know that Sam lives by his ideals, but it is not so nice to have them lauded over you. After all, Sam excepted, everybody lies sometimes.

Maybe we shouldn't, maybe that was the point of this treatise, to jolt us into proper thinking. In which case I think it was quite successful. Next time you ask me if I like my Christmas jumper, blame Sam Harris for the answer.

This book was downloaded from the authors blog at no cost. Sam Harris has generously made it available for free for a limited time.