Memory: A Very Short Introduction - Jonathan K. Foster As with the other Very Short Introductions this is a concise, short book about the subject.

Firstly there is encoding, storage and retrieval - a failure of any of these process (through disease or damage) can effect memory (of course!), but you can also just 'forget' things, or just not pay enough attention at the encoding end. Oops sorry...

Then there is Short-term (different from Working) and Long Term memory

Semantic and Episodic,

Ways to create false memories

Ways to improve Memory

I found it a little disjointed - clearly there is much more to the subject that can be squeezed into 138 pages. I particularly liked the allusion, made several times, to 'prosthetic' memory - I really want a wireless USB where I can just upload all the work stuff when I am not there...